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    Smart-QR Codes: The Next Generation of
    QR Technology
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    Make a unique QR code! Increase the number of scans!
    With the rapid development of mobile technology, more and more
    QR codes are being utilized by nearly every industry. The unique
    S-QR code generator module provides an option to turn a
    traditional black and white square-shaped QR code
    into an eye-catching graphic QR code, which can
    also function as a unique corporation.
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    Innovative Technology.
    Exceptional Results.
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QR codes everywhere – but what are they for?

The QR (quick response) code is a two-dimensional bar code, which can be read by any smartphone using a free reader program. It establishes a link with the product or service in question and the information available online. With its help, consumers can instantly access specific information after the scan without needing to search for anything. Growing in popularity for its user-friendly functionality, QR codes eliminate the need to search, visit a web address or call a phone number. Additionally, QR codes are cost effective and can be placed on any surface (advertisements, marketing collateral, business or promotional cards, flyers, product packaging, etc.).

Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Allowing unlimited content modifications through a user-friendly interface without needing to change the actual code is hugely beneficial and opens the door to countless content opportunities. Since there is no need to print new materials to change the online content the code refers to (e.g. daily deals, offers, real-time updates, etc.), you can react to changes in the course of your campaign and deliver a range of content.


By visually engaging consumers with a colorful, eye-catching, custom-designed codes, Smart-QR improves advertisement impact and brand awareness by encouraging consumer code interaction. Using your logo and colors in the codes’profile elements is an excellent tool to strengthen your brand identity, reinforce favorability and consumer confidence.

The Smart-QR Code Difference

Unlike a standard QR Code, the Smart-QR Code enables you to change or update the online content connected to a single QR Code. The Smart-QR Code system is a game-changing feature for online and offline marketing—helping brands and businesses connect consumers with up-to-date information in a cost effective way. The unique Smart QR system lets you change the online content periodically and in any way you wish while leaving the printed code unchanged on your fliers, publications, billboards, etc.


A primary challenge for marketing campaigns is the difficulty in measuring the effectiveness of the campaign investment. Our Smart-QR code integrated analytical system offers a solution to tracking and calculating that ROI. By monitoring code scan activity and feedback, businesses are able to respond to consumer behavior and modify their campaign to improve code engagement. You can also export your code tracking data from our system to reference and utilize for future marketing initiatives-providing extremely valuable consumer insight.

S-QR system usage by country

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Efficient mobile optimized minisites

Increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign by taking advantage of the Smart-QR’s site-building system optimized for mobile devices. Using our mobile optimized mini site building system, you can easily generate mini, content destinations for your campaign-making it even more unique and contextually relevant. Mini sites are a great way to keep consumers engaged by seamlessly directing them to your individual deals and offers. The mini-sites can be personalized or edited at any time. Using your S-QR code you can simultaneously move your customers and visitors among your mini sites, increasing the scope and success of your campaign.

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