Stand out from the crowd,

make a unique QR code! Increase the number of scans!
With the rapid development of mobile technology, more and more QR codes are appearing in all walks of life. The module of the unique QR code generator of the S-QR system provides an option to turn a traditional black and white square-shaped QR code into an eye-catching QR code, which can also function as a unique corporate identity.  

Customized QR codes

can grab the visitors’ attention more, you can bring them closer to your advertisements and offer to encourage them to use the unique code, to scan it, thus enhancing their effectiveness. Campaigns can be more successful due to the use of colourful, eye-catching, custom-designed codes as everyone would want to know what is “behind” them.
Using your logo and your colours in the codes as profile elements displays a sense of assurance for people to use them. It is also an excellent tool to maximise your customers’ confidence in your brand and to strengthen your brand identity.

The unique QR Code Generator is available for our clients from the S-QR system.

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